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Just a crazy 22 year old red head living in Southern CA, who loves het, slash, fem-slash, non-pairings, and other crap. Call me Bren if you need a name for me.

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Dear Teen Wolf Fandom, 

Just kidding.

Lately some of you have been critically responding to Teen Wolf in ways that boggle my mind. 

I’m talking specifically about this notion some people have that the show-runners of Teen Wolf have been “queer-baiting” us with Sterek— I’m not going to touch the racism debate with a ten foot pole because, while I disagree about that too, I don’t feel qualified to debate about it with people who are clearly hurt by what has been tactlessly said already. I’m not trying to dismiss the concerns about queer-baiting, because I’ve been a shipper for more than ten years now in many television-based fandoms, and have been a fan of Supernatural for longer than is probably mentally healthy for somebody who dislikes being queer-baited. However, I find it unreasonable and unfair to accuse the show-runners of Teen Wolf of the same when, so far, there is only evidence to support the opposite.

Let me explain.

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